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Three Things Local Businesses Should Be Aware of When It Comes To Online Reputation

Not everything in business is clear-cut as it ought to be; you may be following all the right steps towards building a solid online reputation, though often you come across drops in profits for seemingly no reason at all. This is why having an online reputation management system in place, such as a white label reputation management platform, is crucial for any business trying to compete locally. It should the first step for businesses to make before venturing and implementing any other offline or online marketing tools.

The oversaturation of today’s booming marketplace has left consumers these days quite picky, and their decision-making process when picking a particular brand or company is often done based on minute factors, especially if they are browsing online. Customers often turn to recommendations and reviews for local services and products to make a judgment if they should purchase a certain product. And they do this while comparing other similar products or services offering the same business as yours. This is why having an excellent online reputation—positive reviews, testimonials, high ratings—is crucial for online business.

Here are three things to consider when looking to build a stronger online reputation:

Dealing with consumer negativity

The majority of Google searches these days are queries made by consumers trying to look up services and products locally. And with this in mind, it is crucial that you check if past customers have left anything negative about your products, whether it be in a form of a review or a vent from social media. Attempt to resolve any issues past customers have expressed about your product. It does not take much for a company’s reputation to plummet due to one scathing review.

The customer is always right

A golden rule in business is to always have excellent customer service, both offline and online. Any individual on the internet has the power to be critical of a product, so it is always best to soothe these customers before they start using their digital megaphones to announce their dissatisfaction of your product through social media. Often it is necessary to make a compromise that may cause you to lose a little in profit (offering a free replacement of a product or a gift) to quell a customer’s anger, though this proves to be beneficial in the long run. The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ rings true in this case only because they have the potential to hurt your online reputation. It is always best to err to the side of caution, instead of trying to argue with your customers, regardless if they are right or wrong.

Understanding the power of Word-of-Mouth

Ever wonder how videos are able to go viral so quickly? It’s usually due to this one particular marketing strategy that, most of the time, happens unintentionally. A company’s reputation can often turn like a flip of a coin if an individual’s opinion of your product goes viral. And, unfortunately for businesses, negative virility happens more often than positive virility as consumers are likely to complain than praise companies online (it’s in the nature of human beings to gossip about skeletons in another’s closet). So always be mindful of this and prevent yourself from going viral for the wrong reasons. More on this at


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