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The Evolution Of Renting Movies

Movie rentals started way back in the 80s when major film companies signed distribution deals to have their movies made available in VHS. And since then renting movies has been—and still is—one of the more popular forms of casual entertainment in most western countries. More westerners rent out movies on a regular basis more often than going out to see spectator sports.

And with the constant growth of technology, the change of mediums followed suit; VHS has died out to make ways for DVDs. And now the DVD medium is slowly decreasing in popularity in favor of other better quality or more convenient mediums for watching movies, such as Blu-ray and online streaming. Regardless of the medium, all forms of rental movies are cheaper than going out to the movies to watch the same film. Not only do you not have to worry about inflated prices of popcorn or rowdy cinema goers, the cost of renting out a movie can be as cheap as a dollar a day.

Over the years, movie rental companies have also opted to deliver rental movies by mail. This eliminates the needs for customers to physically go out to a store to rent their movies—they could rent the movies via an online store, have it processed through the website and receive their rented movies in their inbox!

And it doesn’t stop there—these companies often offer free trials, so there’s no risk to giving these services a try. Browsing for a movie online is much easier than doing so in a video store—these websites usually provide a handy easy to use search function that allows you to search for the movies you want by name or category. You could even build your own personalized wish-list, and assign dates for which to receive them to fit with you busy schedule.

To complement this wonderful online service, these movie rental services often come up with seasonal deals and offers in the form of coupons. For example, there is a website called which offers the best codes to save on Redbox movies. So you’d be saving even more money by taking advantage of these coupons, plus all the handy features that comes with these websites.In general, you tend to get a lot more value than you normally would if you were to visit a video store.

It comes as no surprise that renting movies retains its popularity even to this day, with technology making things so much easier and cheaper and more convenient for people to enjoy their favorite flicks in the comfort of their own homes.

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