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3 SEO Myths To Be Aware Of

Conceptually, SEO is a topic that some may find too unwieldy to grasp. And it is far too often that people misunderstand how some processes within SEO work. Fortunately, I have attended a seminar hosted by a seo company on the sunshine coast which dispels some of the common myths about SEO which I am more than happy to share with you.

Myth #1 – Quantity over quality
Some believe that a successful SEO campaign entails having as much possible backlinks as they can in order to boost their site ranking. And while this strategy does work to some degree, it is hardly the most effective way of doing things. Each link carries its own sets of values; some links—such as those from popular bloggers and news websites—are much more valuable than other links leading to poorly ranked blogs and such. Having a few of these powerful links would be as effective (if not more) as having a hundred links from relatively unknown sources. It brings me to mind of the saying ‘less is more’, and it certainly applies here with the strength of the link taken into consideration.

Myth #2 – A strong SEO campaign guarantees traffic
While a strong SEO campaign does certainly help to generate more traffic, whether or not that traffic would last begs another question—is the content of your site good enough to encourage visitors to keep coming back?

SEO is not a magic wand you could wave around your website and expect droves of people to flock over. It simply create bridges for people to cross over to your site, but beyond that is entirely up to you. A seller with good content but poor SEO will not generate lasting traffic due to lack of exposure, and same goes vice versa—a seller with good SEO but poor content will not generate lasting traffic due to poor quality of the product that does not warrant a need for a return visit. You need a mix of both good content and good SEO to be able to succeed online and gain traffic that would last beyond the initial campaigning period.

Myth #3 – SEO can be implemented and then forgotten
Far too many sites think that implementing SEO strategies only happens at the start when you are promoting you site, and you no longer need to do any more SEO after a site has developed good traffic. This is false; just like any working machine requiring maintenance every so often, a company needs to update their SEO strategies every so often.

The reason for this is due to the ever-changing nature of the internet. You have other websites trying to build stronger SEOs to compete against yours. Search engines are bound to tweak their algorithms, which may render some of your well-used links ineffective. Or even the links themselves may have gone past their use-by-date, and may lose their effectiveness due to a decrease in popularity of those links.

Maintaining a good site ranking requires a life-long commitment to adjustments and upkeep of your SEO efforts. Do not neglect your marketing machine—keep it well maintain to avoid traffic loss and a drop in rankings.


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